Sports Theme Jewelry Pieces

When showing your love for a sport, a beautiful piece of fine jewelry is a great way to express yourself. The following Sports Theme Jewelry pieces are a stylish way to show your sporting pride and support your favorite team or athlete.

Soccer Necklace

Whether you’re looking for jewelry to wear in support of your favorite team or just a fan of the sport, these sports-themed pieces are sure to delight you. Some of these pieces even integrate a faith-based design into the piece, which is an excellent way for athletes and fans to keep their religion close while still showing their passion for the game they love.

One of the most popular football pieces is the 14k gold plated football charm. This charm can be engraved with up to 2 numbers and 1 name to create a personalized look. It suspends from a 20” rope chain. This is the perfect gift for the football player or fan in your life.

For those who prefer a more subtle look, the silver plated football charm is a simple yet eye-catching option. This charm is also a good choice for children who want to show their love of the game. It is a very affordable piece of jewelry that can be worn by just about anyone.

Aside from football, All In Faith also has a full lineup of other sports inspired pieces including golf, baseball and soccer. The golf cross pendant is a nice example of the company’s ability to take a less popular sport and make it into something that can be appreciated by a large audience.

Another interesting piece of sports themed jewelry is the baseball bat cross necklace. This necklace is a more updated version of the original that was introduced by All In Faith back in 2010. The new version of this necklace is a bit more refined, making it a more sophisticated look than the previous model.

This is a very nice necklace for a boxer or someone who is a big fan of the sport. It features a stainless steel cross with a pair of boxing gloves draped over the top. This is a new addition to the line of sports themed jewelry from All In Faith and it is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves the sport of boxing.

Soccer Necklace

If you are a soccer player or just love the sport, this necklace is for you. The pendant is made of black and white soccer patch shapes that are neatly lined out in a cross formation. This is an elegant design that can be worn on the field or at a formal event. It will never look out of place.

Most sports require a lot of work and dedication. This is why many athletes will also incorporate their faith into their lives. All In Faith recognizes this and tries to incorporate it into the jewelry they make for athletes. This is how the baseball bat cross necklace got started and now they are offering a full line of sports inspired jewelry pieces that can be worn to show your passion for both your sport and your faith.

These new necklaces are going to be especially popular with the athletes and their fans. A lot of sports aren’t as televised as other sports so it can be hard to find the right jewelry to wear to shows and other events. This is why All In Faith makes it a point to include jewelry for the less popular sports. This will allow more people to display their faith and their sport at the same time.

The newest addition to the line is the Anchor Punch Boxing cross necklace. This is a new design that showcases a set of boxing gloves draped over a cross. This is a great way to keep your love for the sport and your faith close together while you are training for the next big fight.

For golfers, we have a beautiful stainless steel golf ball pendant with a dangle cross. This is a nice piece for any golfer and can be worn at any event. We also have other sports themed jewelry such as basketball, soccer, hockey, cheerleader, and more. This is a perfect gift for the sports fan in your life or for your favorite athlete. These will definitely be a hit at any event and are sure to spark a conversation or two.

Barbell Large Cross

Lifting weights and competing in sports that require heavy weight training requires determination, mental strength and most importantly faith. Having faith in yourself and in the Lord helps push many athletes through the rigorous training needed to succeed in their respective sports. All In Faith offers this Barbell large cross pendant in tarnish resistant solid gold 10 or 14 karat that melds one’s love for their faith with their love of fitness. This pendant comes with your choice of a chain.

Baseball Bat Cross Necklace

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world and its fashion craze has reached the global level. Not only do the players of this game dress gorgeously, they also use special necklaces that make them look more attractive on the field. These unique necklaces usually have some symbolic images on them which could be the official logo of the team or any other symbols that may be considered appropriate by the club.

These necklaces are known to reduce the stress that baseball players go through during games. They also help them to minimize the pain and anxiety they have to endure while playing the game. These necklaces are also able to increase the performance of the players and thus improve their chances of winning the game.

This baseball bat cross pendant is made of stainless steel with a choice of chain sizes for the perfect fit. This necklace is tarnisher resistant and will not rust even when exposed to water or sweat. It is crafted with athletes in mind and designed to last. Each pendant is hand-carved and engraved with a name, date or short message in one of 4 font options. This necklace is available in either a silver or gold finish.

This baseball bat cross pendant features a cross made from three baseball bats to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This trinity lies at the core of every Christian athlete’s beliefs and is directly reflected in this baseball cross. The pendant can be worn to show faith both on and off the field. It is the perfect gift for any baseball player or fan. This necklace is a great gift for the holidays or for birthdays and other special occasions. It is also a great accessory for any outfit. Its stylish design and durable quality make it a must-have for any baseball lover.